On Air Personalities

Tim Johnson

Shaggin' On The Boulevard
Mondays and Wednesdays 2-5 PM

“I remember Sunday morning’s listening to a show on TV called Gospel Jubilee before going to church. I enjoyed watching the bands and the singers perform, I thought that was really cool! At an early age I realize how music was a part of my life, my parents always had music on and they loved to dance and have a great time. The music I grew up listening to was Classic Country, Oldies, and Motown! I never knew anything about Beach Music until later in life. As I got older anything with a groove got my attention! Elvis Presley, Ronnie Milsap, Kenny Rogers, Bee Gees, Frankie Valli, Marvin Gaye and so many more. At the age of 10 years old, my life changed in 30 minutes to what I have become today as a DJ! I heard a song that changed everything and a group! That group and a certain Guitarist by the name of Eddie Van Halen ( Van Halen )! That day all I wanted was to be was like Eddie Van Halen! Groups like Journey, AC/DC, 38 Special, Rolling Stones and Lynyrd Skynyrd and so many more influenced me to get involved in music. 16 years old groups like KC and The Sunshine Band, Rick James, Kool and The Gang, Earth Wind and Fire
and so many more was making a impact on my life as well as Country Music! In High School I was Athletic and played sports but my true love was still music. At the age of 19 I ran into a friend that I grew up with that I haven’t seen in years, that person was John Barkley.  John introduced me to the world of a DJ, and the rest, well, is history! I’ve worked in a club in Charlotte called O’ Hara’s at The Holiday Inn. That was the beginning of me becoming a DJ. By working at O’ Hara’s I learned how to be a Professional DJ and how to present myself in front of people by working with a lot of great Bands! Band Of Oz, Fantastic Shakers, The Entertainers, Catalinas, The Embers, Delbert McClinton, General Johnson and The Chairman of the Board, Joe Pope and The Tams and so many more. Ronnie Gittens was the 1st true friend that help me as a DJ in my early years. Earl Dawkins, Dink Perry, Dwight Nichols, John G Franklin, Craig Woolard, Johnny Barker, Mark Black, Chris Smith so many have always supported me and help me threw the years! But the biggest influence in my life was Eddie, and still today, he still is! If you want to get to know me and who I am, just listen to my music! Everything I play is a groove, no matter what type I play. I was introduced to Beach Music threw a friend, who had a hand in what I’ve become today, 32 years later! I’m very grateful to everyone who has help me along the way!” 

Join Tim on Monday’s and Wednesday’s for his live show from 2pm – 5pm for Shaggin On The Boulevard on The Afternoon Drive!

Ben Morris

Highway 17
Mondays 8-11 PM

“I was 7 years old and growing up in East Tennessee when I acquired a couple of Jackie Wilson 45’s. I was taken in by the sounds off those old Brunswick labeled records, and I was hooked on the R&B music sounds. As I grew into my teenage years, R&B/Soul, Rock, Blues, Jazz, and Country were staples in my music tastes. I was also learning to play violin and took some piano. I remember my Mom singing to Far Away Places, Washed Ashore, and other songs that eventually woke me up to Beach Music. I even remember going to see The Platters and General Johnson and The Chairmen Of The Board when I was a teenager in the late 1980’s or early 1990’s at a local summer festival.

As I went to University of Tennessee, there was a soul singer that always had a backing band that I got to see several times as a student during football season around campus, and I was hooked on Beach Music. That was Clifford Curry. Other than saying hello, I never got to know him but loved his music. I ended up looking for more of the groups in the Beach Music genre in the 1990’s and added to my collection. After college, I ended up living in Southeast Georgia as a young man and got to go hear The Embers, Swingin’ Medallions, and Chairmen of The Board, live as they would play local events and engagements in the area at the time. I was hooked again for life. I even attempted to find a young lady and try and shag with the basic steps.

I have continued to enjoy the music, old and new alike. The music makes people feel good and makes you think of the sand, sun, and sea. The old music sparks memories of yesteryear and the new groups make you smile as you see the traditions and sounds carried on to the new generations and incorporating new sounds.

That is my Beach Music story. I love sharing and playing the music for my friends and family and look forward to you joining me on Highway 17.”

Join Ben every Monday night from 8p-11p for his LIVE show, “Highway 17 with Ben Morris”

Townsend Link

Beach Bound & Down
Tuesdays 7-10 PM

“I was 7 years old riding around in my aunt’s hatchback. I got my first taste of Carolina Beach Music that day when I heard Chuck French sing Shama Lama Ding Dong. From that day on it was in my blood. I absolutely wore out that Band of Oz cassette. I vividly remember listening to Charlie Brown playing all the best songs out there! Time passed, I grew up, things changed, but one thing remained the same… my love for Carolina Beach Music. After a run with Blackwater Band and now my current band, The Pink Slips Band, I decided to make a leap of faith into this wild venture of broadcasting and hosting a Carolina Beach Music show. February 18th, 2020 is the date “Beach Bound and Down” was born. It’s been a crazy ride and I wouldn’t have it any other way!”

Get in, buckle up, and hold on, because we are Beach Bound and Down with the best in Carolina Beach Music LIVE every Tuesday from 7p-10p!

DeLane Hayes

Hayes' Hard Drive
Wednesdays 12-2 PM

The music your parents listened to in the car, songs that were the fabric of adolescents, to the sounds that made you fall in love. Music shapes memories that last a lifetime. It has been said there are only two types of music “good” and “bad”. Genres are just boxes to stop you from exploring the very best that music has to offer! Hayes’ Hard Drive is a journey into music of all decades and genres… and it is ALL GOOD!

Join “Hayes’ Hard Drive” every Tuesday from 12p-2p.

Wayne Free

The 'FREE'way
Wednesdays 7-10 PM

“Music is an international language.  I’ve always felt that which has drawn me into a career as a music professional. But this came full circle for me while playing in a full band karaoke club named ‘Woodstock’ in Seoul, South Korea. The song: Mustang Sally! The place started jumping and the owner tried to hire us for a month long gig starting the next week!”

An active touring musician for more than 30 years with The Swingin’ Medallions, The Embers and as a singer/songwriter solo artist, Wayne has always had a deep affinity for live performance and a connection to his audience. Now entering into the world of radio, it is his hope to continue this trend on this platform with the same fun and excitement as you may’ve seen onstage.

Wayne has a rather daft motto – ‘There is the right way, the wrong way and the ‘FREE’way!’ This is the driving force behind his show. So hop on the ‘FREE’way and floor it! It’ll be a fun ride!

Join Wayne on “The ‘FREE’way” LIVE every Wednesday night from 7p-10p.

Harold Ballard

Throwback Thursday Thursdays 12-3 PM

“My love for rhythm and blues began at an early age, riding with my dad around Concord and Kannapolis, listening to John Richbourg on WLAC, Nashville, the station recognized for giving first exposure to this music that found its way to the beaches of the Carolinas. I have a desire to take people back to the roots and origins of beach music that inspire our artists today. By sharing these historical aspects, we can appreciate the various genres that played a vital role in its foundation. I attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, with a degree in Radio, Television, and Motion Pictures. My journey has allowed me to work with the legends of radio and the artists who made the music happen.” 

Broadcasting background: Radio

WFMO, Fairmont, North Carolina

WJRI, Lenoir, North Carolina

WDSC-FM, Dillon, South Carolina

WXRC, Hickory, North Carolina

WSTP-WRDX-FM, Salisbury, North Carolina

94.9 The Surf, North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. 

Television operations and engineering

WPDE-TV, Florence-Myrtle Beach

WTVI, Charlotte

WRAL-TV, Raleigh 

PBS-NC, Research Triangle Park

Discovery Television and Technology Center, Sterling, Virginia

WBTV, Charlotte

Founder and administrator of the North Carolina Broadcasting History Project Facebook group. 

Class is back in session, 12:00 to 3:00pm, every Thursday, on the new home of your Professor, Beach Waves Radio. 

Scott Walker

Thursday Night Beach Therapy
Thursdays 8-11 PM

“My beach music journey began in 2013 when I began dating my now-wife, Jordan. Prior to 2013, my choice in music revolved around Rhythm, Soul, and Rock n’ Roll… but I had never really paid attention to “Beach Music”; although they tend to sometimes overlap. That fall, I tagged along with Jordan and her family to Myrtle Beach for the Cammy’s. They had made the trip for years, but as soon as I hit Main Street that weekend-I was hooked! I immediately started acquiring every beach song I could get my hands on, and I haven’t slowed down since. In 2015, I began my beach music dj-ing career, with the ultimate dream of having my own radio show one day. Flash-forward to 2018, and “Thursday Night Beach Therapy” was born. Since then I have been fortunate enough to receive three Carolina Beach Music Awards (Cammy’s) nominations, twice for “Internet Radio Dj” and once for “Internet Radio Show” In December 2019, we welcomed our son, ‘Dancin’ Davis Walker, into our beach music-loving family. I look forward to continuing to share my affinity for Beach Music with him and others on Beach Waves Radio, and keeping the music we all love alive and kicking!”

Scott was nominated for 2019 and 2020 CBMA Internet DJ of the Year and his show, “Thursday Night Beach Therapy” was nominated for 2020 CBMA Internet Radio Show of the Year!  Make sure to catch him LIVE every Thursday from 8p-11p!


Willie T

On the Boat Dock
Sundays 7-10 PM

“Growing up in the Sandhills of NC I got my first taste of Beach Music listening to The Chairmen of The Board, The Embers, Band of Oz and many others. I got my first start in radio in 1979 in Laurinburg, NC at WLNC where I met the late great Dale Van Horn and ended up touring with his group, Ocean Drive Band, for a year or so before the band broke up. After working various jobs I felt I needed a real career and joined and spent 22 years in the U.S. Coast Guard, retiring in 2007 as a Chief Warrant Officer. That brought me to the Northern Virginia area where in 2011 I started DJ’ing again in the Beach Music scene. In 2013 I was voted into the Association of Beach and Shag Club Deejays (ABSCDJ) and have been DJ’ing ever since for the Battlefield Boogie Club in Fredericksburg, VA and Northern Virginia Shag Club in Fairfax, VA. I am so proud to be a member of Beach Waves Radio and look forward to seeing everyone on Sunday nights.”

Join Willie T every Sunday night from 7-10PM “On The Boat Dock with Willie T”!

Jim Quick

Swamp Soul
Thursdays 12-1 PM

Artist or in person, Jim Quick is the kind of guy you genuinely want to call a friend. With the charm only a true Southerner can possess, he brings his talent to the stage with a quick-witted, knee-slapping sense of humor coupled with the clear sincerity of his love for his craft.

Quick’s been touring the Southeast US for more than 20 years, playing nearly 250+ shows per year, and has released more than 11 albums. Originally introducing their music as the Coastline Band—a band of friends who played the Carolina beach bars day in and day out—the group pushed Quick to the forefront and naturally transformed into Jim Quick & Coastline. Known for his all-out performances and deliberate, off-the-cuff wisecracks, Jim has been a gracious recipient of the Carolina Music Awards “Entertainer Of The Year Award” – sixteen times.

“I want my music to be a bridge for many genres; a place where traditional and contemporary music can unite. But, I do love the pure emotion and simple-yet-deep concepts of country music. I’m a Southern boy and it all hits home; the lyrics and roots of the music—from the melodies to chord progressions—seem to strike an ancestral nerve with me.”

Jim discovered his love for music in the confines of his bedroom, sitting in front of his Sears & Roebuck stereo with Radio Shack headphones atop his head. Playing the role of both DJ and performer, young Jim would introduce himself before the next song, with which he’d appropriately sing along. His playful dress rehearsal wasn’t in vain. At 14, he secured a job as a radio DJ for a small, local AM station giving him the platform he needed to learn about the entertainment business and create the stage character for which he’s known. Now he’s back with his own syndicated radio show that you can enjoy right here on Beach Waves Radio.

Join Jim Quick every Thursday afternoon from 12-1PM “Jim Quick’s Swamp Soul Show”!